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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 709- "Fare Thee Well" or "Finally! The Finale"

Well, all good things must come to an end, they say. So why is THIS ending? We haven't been good at anything since high school and, even then, it was all relative. But I digress. Due to other interests, personal calamities and plain old burn out, we've come to the end of the show FOR NOW. Maybe forever, but probably not. We thank all of you for listening regularly and telling your friends about the show. It really does make us feel good to see our numbers grow over the course of the year. We ended last month with over 48,000 downloads on our RSS feed. Not too shabby for one month. We'd also like to thank Sophia Eptamenitis for the good work finding us guests in this last season. We're looking forward to working with her on our future projects. And speaking of guests, we can't say "good-bye" without thanking all the people who have deigned to come on our piddly little show for an interview. There are too many to mention one by one so we'll just go acc

BONUS - "Thank You" By Billy Webster Ft. Daddio Sugar

Billy Webster and Daddio Sugar wrote a heartfelt tribute to Matt and Pete, their heroes and makers of careers, and performed it live on the final episode before hianus begins.  Check out this episode!

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 708 - Countdown to Hianus

We're taking a break to devote our time to a passion project years in the making called "Addressing Gettysburg". We know, we know. "NERD ALERT!!" You're God-damn right. We will be nerding out with our friend, published author and Licensed Battlefield Guide, Eric "The Blade" Lindblade. It will be everything you love about Checked Out but with drama, adventure, gore and....diarrhea? Well, that last one isn't much of a stretch.  Thanks to all of our guests, past cast members, producers and, most of all, our regular listeners from around the world. We hope you follow us to "Addressing Gettysburg". LINKS Promo BOX4DAD  promo CHECKED OUT 20% off mention the show for discounts!! Twitter and Insta @CheckedOutNJ   COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys ( Opening theme "Tilt-a-Whirl&quo