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Checked Out's B.O.- Superfan Lyndon Wells's Favorite Moments From 2017

Famed British movie critic and new third-wheel on Down the Hall Podcast, Lyndon Wells, is a Superfan of the show. His commute to work is made just a tick easier because of our dulcet tones of our voice...or was it "dull tones"? Regardless, he sent us a list of his favorite moments on the show. Here are the three that translate best into a "best of". EnjoyCOIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys

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Checked Outs B.O.- The Teachers Convention is BS

In this listener requested B.O., we discuss the major fraud that is the teachers' convention. It's controversial because it's true. ;-)COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys

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Checked Outs B.O.- Chet and Rodneys Favorite Moments

Chet and Rodney from Down the Hall Podcast joined us last Spring. Each week they come on and tell us about the movie they're recommending for us all on that week's episode of their show. As time went on we talked less and less about the movie of the week and more with Chet and Rodney to get to know them as people. Not only have we discovered that they're great guys, but we also learned that they giggle like 12 year old boys when Matt burps like a 12 year old boy. Some things never go away with age. We asked Chet and Rodney to compile a list of their favorite appearances on the show and this is what we got. What's your favorite moment from them? Tell us in an email is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys

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Checked Outs B.O.- Zain and Lea's First Time On The Show and Yoko Ono

Everybody loves the new addition of Zain and Lea  to the show. But do you remember when they were guests first? They were and they were good. This is when we ask Lea if she is the Yoko Ono of Zain's band, "Whateverwise". But, seeing as how "Whateverwise" is just Zain, that fell short. But Yoko didn't...COIJ is produced by the New jersey Podcast Guys

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Checked Outs B.O- Conspiracy Theories with EJ Koelsch

From episode 613: EJ Koelsch joins us to talk about 9-11 conspiracy theories. This is a listener submitted best of moment. Enjoy. COIJ is produced by the New jersey Podcast Guys

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Checked Out's Best Of (BO)- Billy Webster Performs "Its Hard To Be A Lib Cuck On Christmas" Live On Checked Out In Jersey

On the 2017 finale, Billy Webster took a joke about having a song prepared called "It's Hard To Be A Lib Cuck On Christmas" to actually dreaming it up the night before the show (Listen to episode 624 to hear the full story). With no rehearsal and only a bunch of lyrics on his page, he performed a song that would make any Proud Boy laugh and any lib cuck cry. Enjoy this heart-warming modern-day Christmas Carol that will knock Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" out of the record books as most successful non-traditional Christmas song ever written. 

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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 624- 2017 Finale Happy Christmas From Decomposition Podcast, Daddio Claus, Billy Webster

Well, 2017 has come to a close for us and it’s been quite a year. We’ve met interesting guests, had some funny, sad, serious and gassy moments, ambushed celebrities in brewery parking lots and bar lobbies with Daddio Sugar and debuted what will soon be a classic Christmas song by Billy Webster, “It’s Hard To Be. Lib-Cuck On Christmas”. Remember that, folks. You heard it here FIRST. Literally here. In this episode.Whats most exciting for us is how our audience grew in thrice over since starting up again early this year. Many reasons have been suggested for that and, believe us, if we knew what the actual reason is we’d do more of it. But we’re happy that you are with us for whatever reason that may be and we truthfully hope you’re happy  hanging out with us each week. So, in this finale for 2017/Christmas Spectacular, the show opens with Daddio Claus taking phones calls from some of the listeners children. Lo and behold, they all want a Big Box of Magic; a perfect gift for that magical…

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 623- John David Booter from Done Disappeared, Gilbert Gottfried, Tony Germinario, and Daddio Sugar

Oh what a wonderful show we have for you again! All we need to say is John David Booter from "Done Disappeared", the haunting true crime podcast that is taking the world by storm, Gilbert Gottfried and Daddio Sugar do schtick along with The Screamer and Zain and Lea are back! Plus! Tony Germinario sits in and does a great Gilbert Gottfried impression. All this and more!LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED mention Checked Out In Jersey for discounts!!Like us then watch us LIVE Thursdays at 8 eastern "Bad Frank " ALREADY! www.badfrankmovie.comCOIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys ( theme "Tilt-a-Whirl" by Jimmie Vaughn & the Tilt-a-Whirl Band

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