Checked out In Jersey Episode 621- Jackie the Jokeman Martling and Collective Lot

Matt has been in contact with Jackie the Jokeman Martling for a few weeks now. He's trying to get him on the show. Well, in this episode, Matt sends Daddio Sugar and his cousin Seamus down to Buck Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Blairstown, where Jackie had a show on November 16, to deliver a tub of meatballs and a ig Box of Magic. Why? LISTEN

Our guest in this episode is Tae from the Collective Lot, a group of creative individuals who remind us all that "to be human is to be creative".

Also, Zain is pissing out his ass from Dengue Fever or something and couldn't make it because he was torturing Lea by making her stay with him as he stinks the house up. 




INSTAGRAM @CollectiveLot

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Opening theme "Tilt-a-Whirl" by Jimmie Vaughn & the Tilt-a-Whirl Band


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