Checked Out In Jersey- Episode 619- Another Game of Busey or Bullshit with Bad Frank Director Tony Germinario Daddio Sugars Box and Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood-like Attempt to Gay-Deflect Fails

The great filmmaker, Tony Germinario, sits in with us to discuss his latest film, Matt's amazing performance in his last one, to play our hit game show "Busey or Bullshit" and to comment on the news of the day while in Zain's World. 

But not before we discuss a strange call we received from a Kidd Chris whackpacker-type named Country Jeff Dust, introduce our new sponsor, Admiral Air Tech, and receive a phone call from Daddio Sugar as he shares a gift he left at the studio for Tony. 


This is a longer show than normal because we were just having too much fun. We hope you do too!

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Opening theme "Tilt-a-Whirl" by Jimmie Vaughn & the Tilt-a-Whirl Band


Zain's World Articles


 Once a loon always a loon


 Shia LaDouche is foiled again!


 Pedophile Island and the Celebrities we look up to that go there.


 Whitey, Move to the Back. You won’t? That’s racist!


Bucket List says I gotta kill.


 Dip! Dee! Der!....Yooooo-hooooo someone bring me a weiner!


You’re helping us? Awesome! Wait, you want us to pay?


Almost got away



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