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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 622- Heart Attacks thanksgiving Gas Matt Read Jackie Martlings Book and Crazy News

We've gotten over the first hurdle of the dreaded Holiday Season. This year's was a real "gas".  In this rare (kinda) Monday night live show, Matt and Pete welcome Jason Patrick as he fills in for Zain. Matt laments Zain and Lea's absence, yet again. Matt and Pete talk about going to see Gilbert Gottfried who will be at the Stanhope House with friend-of-the-show and stand-up comedian, Francesco Paladino.  Also: -Matt finishes Jackie Martling's book - Jason takes the reins on "Zain's World" - The NFL allows dancing in the endzone again in order to win back viewers (as if THAT'S the reason why people have been tuning out) Y MAS! There's still time to get a ticket to see Francesco and Gilbert at the Stanhope House this Thursday, November 30. Click here   LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT mention the show for discounts!! CO

Checked out In Jersey Episode 621- Jackie the Jokeman Martling and Collective Lot

Matt has been in contact with Jackie the Jokeman Martling for a few weeks now. He's trying to get him on the show. Well, in this episode, Matt sends Daddio Sugar and his cousin Seamus down to Buck Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Blairstown, where Jackie had a show on November 16, to deliver a tub of meatballs and a ig Box of Magic. Why? LISTEN Our guest in this episode is Tae from the Collective Lot, a group of creative individuals who remind us all that "to be human is to be creative". Also, Zain is pissing out his ass from Dengue Fever or something and couldn't make it because he was torturing Lea by making her stay with him as he stinks the house up.      LINKS  INSTAGRAM @CollectiveLot  Promo BOX4DAD  promo CHECKED OUT mention the show for discounts!! COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys ( ww

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 620- Millennial Dating Terms Texas Shooting The Fraudulent Teachers Convention

This week's show is all screwed up because Peter forgot his anniversary. You'll just have to listen to learn how that works. So that means we did our Facebook Live show on Tuesday instead of Thursday. If you listen to this on iTunes or another podcast app, that doesn't matter to your except that you get two uploaded this week. Hooray for you. Also, it means that Zain and Lea couldn't make it but they call in anyway.  In this epsiode, Matt and Pete discuss Millennial dating terms which, if we're being honest, just makes us hate them even more, the church shooting in Texas, and, finally, teachers conventions.  Here in Jersey (maybe you have them in other states as well) our teachers union has a convention in the beginning of November. Everyone has a long weekend. Few teachers attend. Yet one brave teacher had the audacity to criticize parents for taking an extra day or two to pull their children out of school this week for a family vacation. This teacher is brave an

Checked Out In Jersey- Episode 619- Another Game of Busey or Bullshit with Bad Frank Director Tony Germinario Daddio Sugars Box and Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood-like Attempt to Gay-Deflect Fails

The great filmmaker, Tony Germinario, sits in with us to discuss his latest film, Matt's amazing performance in his last one, to play our hit game show "Busey or Bullshit" and to comment on the news of the day while in Zain's World.  But not before we discuss a strange call we received from a Kidd Chris whackpacker-type named Country Jeff Dust, introduce our new sponsor, Admiral Air Tech, and receive a phone call from Daddio Sugar as he shares a gift he left at the studio for Tony.    This is a longer show than normal because we were just having too much fun. We hope you do too! LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT mention the show for discounts!! COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys ( Opening theme "Tilt-a-Whirl" by Jimmie Vaughn & the Tilt-a-Whirl Band   Zain's World Articles    Once a loon always a