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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 614- Singer-Songwriter Billy Webster

The Great Billy Webster stops by to talk his music.But first, Chet and Rodney from Down The Hall Podcast share this week's movie, "Night Owls".LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT by the New Jersey Podcast Guys

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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 213- EJ Koelsch Talks 9-11 Conspiracy Theories

EJ Koelsch (pronounced "kelsh". I know, right?) of The Revolution Radio Show, had a Facebook debate with Matt a few days ago about 9-11 Conspiracy Theories and leprechauns. EJ suggested Matt have him on the show to discuss it rather than write it. So here he is. 9-11 was a major event for the United States and the people who lived through it, especially in the New York/New Jersey area-- just cuz we're better than the rest of the country and, therefore our pain and grief and struggles are just better than that which is felt anywhere else (just kidding). From that day, almost immediately, as usual, conspiracy theories started. Alex Jones and the amateurish "documentary" Loose Change, really did their part to get the ball rolling. All we know is that there's so much to know about the event that we don't know what the hell happned or who the hell to believe.This isn't a boring, academic-type conversation. It's very real and not always serious. That&…

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 212- Zain and Lea Take Their Seats and Pete Converts to Judaism

Zain and Lea Ono join us for their first dry-run show in their new roles as third input and producer. PLUS!Pete doesn't only share a name and waistline with cartoon megastar, Peter Griffin. He also shares the insane belief that if he converts to Judaism, success will just fall on him like mutton on rye. We explore this idea and a caller weighs in. LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT
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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 611- Colin from Guilty- A True Crime Podcast and Gay Star Wars Characters

Colin from the new #truecrime #podcast, "Guilty: A True Crime Podcast" is on the phone for an interview about his new show, the true crime podcast genre and how great our show is as well as his love for Daddio Sugar. Then Matt and Pete explore the question "Do gay people give a flying fuck about JJ Abrams adding a gay character to Star Wars?" We think they have more important things to worry and rejoice over in their lives, but, call us "old-fashioned", we think people are fully formed human beings and not one dimensional, shallow members of a group. COIJ is produced by

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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 610- Chet Joberts Manservant Rodney and Movie or Band

Chet Jobert's Manservant and Co-host on Down the Hall Podcast, "Rickety Rodney" Hart, flies solo in this episode and brings with him a game for Matt and Pete: "Movie or Band".Also, big show announcement regarding new members to the crew. *COIJ is produced by

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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 609- Pumpkin Spice SUCKS and Other News and Commentary with Whateverwise

Whateverwise and Lea Ono and "The Kilted One', Superfan Mark, are still with us as Matt navigates us through the murky waters of the American News cycle. Some articles we're able to focus long enough to get to cover Pumpkin Spice and how much we hate it, Craig Carton and Whateverwise's days as a boy toy to old rich broads. Promo promo CHECKED by the New Jersey Podcast Guys

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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 608- Important Info On The Sleepy Hollow Meet-up and The Great Whatever Wise

Every now and then you get a guest who can roll with the punches and make your show many times better. This is such a show.In the first hour of this week's episode, Superfan Mark, stops by, kilt and all, to inform us that anyone who wants to go our Sleepy Hollow Meet-Up on October 14 (details available in our events section on our Facebook page), needs to buy tickets in advace and they go quick! It's not that you can't just roam around, but if you want to do any of the events they have, tickets must be pre-purchased. They are on sale now at guest is a man who calls himself "Whatever Wise". He's Middle Eastern, but sounds like he's from the American West, California, to be exact, but don't let that fool you. He's an East Coaster through and through. Matt thought he was an Indian. Crazy Horse, not Ghandi. Whatever he is, Whatever Wise is funny, fun and talented. Oh and his girlfriend sits in with us.…