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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 607- Trump Robs a Bank In Italy New Requests For White People Sex Robots That Talk A Man Trapped In An ATM and More

In this episode, Matt, Pete and Jason Patrick discuss the the news of the day including new requests for white people from BLM, Trump robbing Italian ATMs, a man trapped in an ATM and more! All with a very uncomfortable debate.  LINKS Catch us LIVE! Thursdays at 8p EST Big Box of Magic  10% off with BOX4DAD at check out. The Patriot Militia  20% off with CHECKEDOUT Bookmark   Check out this episode!

Checkd Out In Jersey Episode 606- The Headless Podcasters Go To Sleepy Hollow Meet Up and Busey or Bullshit

Looking for something to do in October? Why not join us on October 14 in Sleepy Hollow Checked Out In Jersey's first anal meet-up. We will....oh I'm sorry, first ANNUAL meet-up...anyway... we will hang out and take part in whatever festivities are there. Check out the event invite on our Facebook page and send us a message if you want to be invited. Chet and Rodney from Down The Hall Podcast will be there as well as Daddio Sugar. You don't want to miss it. See links below for our Facebook page.  It's been a while since we've played a game. So, today we bring you "Busey or Bullshit", the exciting game show in which contestants try to determine if a quote was said by famed thespian Gary Busey or some other looney celebrity. Fill-in third input, Jason Patrick Squares off against Peter. LINKS Catch us LIVE! Thursdays at 8p EST Big Box of Magic  10% off with BOX4DAD at check out. The Patriot Militia www.t

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 605- The Heroin Epidemic Hits Home, The Great Carmen Bucco Gets Dating Advice and Runs for Town Council

RECORDED LIVE AT THE BIG BOX OF MAGIC STUDIOS Host of the Man of Style show on Facebook candidate for town council of the 2 ward in Kenilworth and owner of Bucco Couture, Carmen Bucco is an enigma and renaissance man. He's also great with pick up lines and this episode's guest.  But first, Matt tells us about how the heroin epidemic has touched his family in a tragic way. Chet and Rodney join Matt and Pete in an impromptu psychoanalysis of Carmen and give him dating advice.  Then we get into the major platforms of Carmen's capmaign.   LINKS  Promo code BOX4DAD  promo code CHECKEDOUT  Show producers Check out this episode!

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 605- Eric Post- American A Nazi Pug Jack the Ripper IDd and more

We're back after a short break. Summer is just that way for this show. Which is fine considering you're all on vacation and don't listen to podcasts. It makes sense. It's YOUR time on vacation. Podcasts are only good for your boss's time that he's paying for as you listen at your desk. But I digress... Eric Post- American, made headlines for a viral video he made in response to a bunch of whiny, snowflake SJWs planning on burning American flags in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Since then, he's gained a following. He joins us to talk about a myriad things such as how he started gaining a following, how to motivate yourself and Matt's burps.  Then Matt and Pete discuss some news topics such as the Nazi-Saluting Pug and Jack the Ripper's real identity.    COIJ is produced by the New jersey Podcast Guys   LINKS Big Box of Magic: Eric Post- American: Valo