Checked Out In Jersey Episode 601- Bad Franks Tony Germinario and Kevin Interdonato


After months of trying, we finally got the great Kevin Interdonato, of "Bad Frank" and "The Sopranos" fame (among many others) to come on the show. Plus "Bad Frank" writer/director, Tony Germinario returns to the first podcast he was ever on and joins us, in studio, for the whole episode!

With Tony we discuss the recent release of "Bad Frank" and the roles he has for Matt and Pete in his upcoming film. Of course, Matt begs for more. 

With Kevin we cover how he got his start in his career, whether or not other actors are jealous of his acting, Matt's seminal role as an extra in HBO's "John Adams", what filming a sex scene is like and the ten proing questions originally asked by the great Bernard Pivot.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie('s Belly) is in the studio to talk about the recent controversey of the Governor using closed New jersey State beaches while we, the serfs, were not allowed to. 

It's an action packed episode to open season 6!




Check out this episode!


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