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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 517- Wunderkind Filmmaker Craig Thiessen

LIVE! From the Big Box of Magic Studios! Craig Thiessen is an up and coming filmmaker from right here in our own backyard, Sussex County, NJ. For his senior thesis he had to make a short film. It should have run about 10 minutes long but Craig was so inspired that he made it a tad longer and it is good! Check it out: Plus, Rodney flies solo to talk about last week's film, "Don't Think Twice", Matt dressed as a fat nun in the Jim Morrison role of his feature-length parody of Oliver Stone's "The Doors", and Pete thinks Jesus said "and the raped shall inherit the earth."  And more! Make this the first magical Father's Day in your dad's/husband's life by giving him the Big Box of Magic, the newest release from Breaking Games. Use promo code BOX4DAD when you purchase your Big Box of Magic at  and receive 10% off. It just might save your life! COIN is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 516 Good-bye Chris Cornell Assorted News and Ugly Depression

  Trust us, this episode is not as depressing as it may seem.   Recorded live at the Big Box of Magic Studios in Hackettstown, NJ  The suicide of Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman, Chris Cornell, has sparked a very emotional reaction in fans and non-fans alike many people say that his death is affecting them in unexpected ways. This then leads to Matt opening up and sharing some of his dark secrets with Pete and the audience.   PLUS! Chet and Rodney are back with a new movie recommendation, Aurora Snow's dad is proud of her prolapsed rectum and Trump and the Saudis summon the power of a glowing orb     Read this:     SPONSOR : Use promo code "BOX4DAD" after clicking the "check out" button when you by the dad in your life a Big Box of Magic at Check out this episode!

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 515- The Down In Jersey Contest The Studio Is Named and The Great Daddio Sugar and his Big Box of Magic

"He is perhaps the most fascinating guest that they've ever had on Checked Out in Jersey." -Podcaster Magazine   "The Chemistry between Matt Josephs and Daddio Sugar is second only to Carson and Don Rickles." Entertainment Weekly   "In my humble opinion, The Big Box of Magic should be called 'The Bigly Box of Magic' because it's gonna be huge." President Donald J Trump   "None of these people or entities ever said these things. I don't even know if 'Podcaster Magazine' exists." Matt Josephs   Daddio Sugar, from the Big Box of Magic, is with us once again to announce that the Big Box of Magic is purchasing studio naming rights! We'd like to thank the BBoM and Jeff Burnett for being the first entity to name the studio!   In this episode we delve deeper into Daddio's past. Well, we try to. He's very hard to pin down.    Also, Chet and Rodney are back together to discuss last week's movie recomm

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 514- The Controversey Show- Pete Hates Chef Fyre Fest Lawsuit Sex Dolls For Pedophiles and Rare Footage of The Hindenburg Disaster

This show is full of controversy! First, Pete departs from his usual enthusiasm for Chet and Rodney's ( Down the Hall Podcast ) movie recommendation of the week, "Chef". Matt loved the film and John Leguizamo liked his tweet about it. So, there, Pete! Then we get into the news of the day including Fyre Festival lawsuits filed by famed attorney Mark Geragos, plus a controversial new product to help pedophiles not offend: realistic, child sex-dolls. Yeah, it's as disgusting as it sounds.   Jason Patrick sits in with us once again and we announce an additional prize for the upcoming joint-contest with The Down The Hall Podcast. Enjoy!   COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys Check out this episode!

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 513- Chet From Down The Hall Podcast Joins Us The Movie Chef Fyre Festival and Rachel Dolezal

Chet from Down the Hall Podcast   flies solo and again and, this time, sticks around for the whole show. We cover topics ranging from how female comedians are 99.998% unfunny, the movie " Chef ", the wonderfully comedic debacle known as Fyre Festival and everybody's favorite trans-racial moron, Rachel Dolezal, on her historic "Use Your Delusion" tour to South Africa.    We are also joined by former stand up comedian, Jenna Brown, who some of you might know from Matt Defede's "The Digital Marketing Pro Show".    COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys Check out this episode!