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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 512- Guitar Gabe and His Heavy Metal Riffs

As you sit in your middle-aged funk and wish you had done something differently so your life wouldn't be so boring, here's a kid who is knee-high to a grasshopper but playing on stage with Jim Breuer in front of 15,000 people. Guitar Gabe, who originally appeared with us on our old show, The OMC Show (still available on iTunes and Stitcher), comes back, this time with guitar in hand, to update us on his career (which Matt is jealous of) and to take the Heavy Metal Riff Challenge. Gabe knows over 100 heavy metal songs and Matt tries to stop him up by randomly calling out song titles.  Before Gabe comes on, Chet and Rodney from Down The Hall Podcast  discuss last week's pic, "Sing Street", and reveal this week's pic. They also talk about how they won't flog each others' dolphins in a parking like behind Chilis. Wendy's? Well, that's another story. (DISCLAIMER: They really don't do that in any parking lot, room, or other environment).   COI

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 511- Matt's Second Heart Attack, Rodney Flies Solo and Audible Soul Performs Live!

Matt has yet another heart attack. Or maybe this time it was a stroke. Or nicotine poisoning. Or who knows what? All he knows is that he couldn't lift his arms and he didn't like what his doctor told him. Just listen. Chet had sand in his va-jay-jay, so Rodney, from Down The Hall Podcast  ( ), was flying solo during his segment, in which he gives Matt health advise and forms a "co-hosts union" of sorts with Pete. This week's recommendation is "Sing Street". Just listen! And, finally, the Main Event: Audible Soul is a refreshing, soulful trio out of Westfield, New Jersey and they stop by the studio to deliver our first live in-studio performance since Marquis Allen in 2015. (We really are a class act when it comes to bringing you fine entertainment.) You really gotta listen!! Oh, and CJ owns Butcher Burgers on Elm St in Westfield. Matt and Pete ate their a few weeks ago and, boy, oh boy, does that CJ make some good burgers. No

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 510- Captain Fantasic Viggo Mortensen and The Lady In Red

We begin with remembering the king of politically incorrect, irreverent, insult comedy, Donald J Rickles. May that brand of humor not die with him. Amen.  The Down The Hall Podcast fellas, Chet and Rodney, call in to discuss last week's movie pick and share their recommendation for this week, which is "Get Out". Then The Lady In Red drops by the studio to talk about the film she is working on and how she became a celebrity publicist thanks to a chance encounter with Jon Bon Jovi And finally, Matt and Pete unveil a new segment that will eventually spin-off to a second show call "Fat, Bald and Miserable"   COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys ( Opening theme "Tilt-a-Whirl" by Jimmie Vaughn & the Tilt-a-Whirl Band   Check out this episode!

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 509- The Ladies From The Amazon Web Series What Exit

First, we'd like to thank our listeners who have broken our monthly download record in March. We don't know what exactly we did that brought in the larger numbers, but we're grateful to you for joining us. Judging from the emails we're getting, the new format is really going over well. Please tell your friends!   JERSEY GIRLS NAVIGATE LIFE’S HIGHWAY IN “WHAT EXIT?” A NEW WEB SERIES   Morristown, NJ:  What Exit? a new web series about life in New Jersey, is an independently produced comedy created by New Jersey native Sophia Eptamenitis.  Inspired by incidents in her own life mixed with that of her friends, What Exit? is a “down to earth” take on the life of twentysomethings still living at home in the suburbs.  The series which began production in 2011 and continued off and on through 2016, can now be viewed on Amazon Prime.   What Exit? introduces two Jersey Girls and longtime friends Tina and Lexi.  Tina is a true Italian Jersey Girl with big dreams of a fantasy