Checked Out In Jersey Episode 506- Snowmageddon 2017

The media has you scared. Scared of this strange new phenomenon known as "snow in winter". So, naturally, you rushed to the store for your bread and milk in a panic an warned all your friends on Facebook to avoid this supermarket or that supermarket. You hunkered down for the night expecting to spend the next several days living as if you're in an episode of "Alaska, The Last Frontier". Then you woke up and realized that you've lived through these things before and shook your head saying, "why do I let them trick me every year into thinking I may not survive this?"

And now, you've got nothing exciting to do except nurse your sore back after shoveling through the mid-day. Or maybe you're heading back to work after spending your snow day building forts and sleigh riding with your kids (if you have kids who actually sleigh ride and don't just do it on their iPads). It's time to get back to the things that really matter in your life: escaping it by listening to Checked Out In Jersey. Your loyal hosts Matt and Pete trudged through the blizzard in order to bring you a show. Oh, they could have quit. Lord, almighty, they could have. They could have said, "F this sh*t. If our guest rescheduled, we should too." But their guest had a two hour drive in order to get here. Matt and Pete are gentlemen and told her to stay home. They had no problem, however, risking the life of their old pal, Jason Patrick, who usually fills-in for Pete. So, Matt, Pete and Jason sit around with their coco and slippers to talk about hypothetical situations and news stories from the great beyond. 

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