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Checked Out In Jersey Episode 504- "Bad Frank" Director Anthony Germinario

It's fitting and totally accidental that we do a show about a film right on the heels of Warren Beatty's gaffe at The Oscars and Bill Paxton's death. In this episode, writer/director Anthony Germinario talks filmmaking and his directorial debut "Bad Frank". This is a great interview for aspiring filmmakers.    And, on a sad note, we bid a fond farewell to our resident Millennial, Mario. Yes, between being offered a promotion at work, school, the distance to the studio and having turned 21, he just has no time for the show anymore. So this is his last episode. Good-bye, little bird. Fly far, far away and spread your seed and urine wherever you can! We will never forget you   COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys. Check out this episode!

Checked Out Episode 503- Designer Katherine Mahony Redefining What Curvy Means and British vs. American TV Shows

Straight off a slow boat FROM  China and Fashion Week in NYC, designer Katherine Mahony swings by the studio with her friend, Darry, to talk about her adventures in life, working with Matt on a film for free, the British version of "The Office" vs the American version and if fat women have hijacked the word "curvy" to ease their guilt.    COIJ is produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys Check out this episode!

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 502- Lady Gagas Muffin Top, Ted Cruz's Dad's Underwear Piggy Bank, Joy Villa and Her Trump Train, and Valentine's Day Nonsense

During the Super Bowl last week, Lady Gaga gave a well-praised performance during halftime. While her music is awful, the woman knows how to put on a show. Almost immediately, beer-bellied men and catty women across the fruited plains began pointing out a slight "belly" that barely hung over Gaga's waistline. Matt's cousin was so moved by the Lady's bit o' flab that she took to Instagram with pictures of her own belly much to the horror of her family. Matt invited her on to talk about the issue of body-shaming/fat-shaming and how, yes, we should be ashamed of our flabby bodies.    Did you see the debate between Bernard Sanders and Ted Cruz? Matt and Pete happened to be driving when it came on the radio and they learned a very interesting fact about Ted Cruz's dad's piggy bank.    Joy Villa, a name we've never heard before, shot to stardom because of a simple blue dress. No, not the same blue dress that made Monica Lewinksy a household name, but

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 501- Daddio Sugar and Jeff Burnett Talk Big Box of Magic The Super Bowl and Songs With Hidden Meaning

There's a shaky start thanks to bad internet which causes them to call out Comcast for sucking knowing they're the only show in town and charging awfully high rates for very little service.  Daddio Sugar is the spokes-model for the upcoming hit magic kit, The Big Box of Magic. He stops by for his first EVER exclusive interview with Matt, Pete and Mario. He is quite a site to behold and can be seen on our Facebook page,   Daddio tells us the tale that is his life. After being left by his parents at a Reno casino and then taken in by its owner, Daddio lived a life off the grid, until, one day, Big Box of Magic creator, Jeff Burnett, saw him bomb at stand up. Fifteen years later, when Jeff created the Big Box, he needed a face to represent the company. He never forgot Daddio and contacted him. Now, Daddio, who has his first job "on the books" with Jeff, will never for get Jeff.    Jeff Burnett also sits down with us to discuss the Super B