Checked Out Episode 405- SHOCKING! Christie's Belly on Winter Storm Jonas and Palin Endorses Trump

The shock collars have arrived with all thanks going to Matt for having the great idea to create a wishlist and then come up with a way to, not only, entertain the fans, but, also, discover who the most sadistic fan is. That fan is none other than Superfan Mark. Thanks, Mark for buying the collars for us. And as an added bonus, these collars helped us discover that the real masochist on the show is Jimmy the Italian. There's no rule saying you have to put the shock collar on your balls, James. Oh and, by the way, if you use those things on your dog, you're an asshole. They hurt like a mother

We also discuss the hurt we feel that our interview with Kevin MacLeod looks more like an afterthought on his website ( than anything he is proud to have done. The sad part is, our interview with him was 20 times more entertaining. But we still love Kevin MacLeod and can't wait to have him on again.

This episode was recorded in the hours leading up the whopper of a blizzard known, stupidly, as "Winter Storm Jonas". While many are left wondering exactly which Jonas Brother this storm most behaves like, we at Checked Out were left wondering why our dear Governor Christie abandoned us to campaign in New Hampshire. Luckily he had left his no-bullshit Stomach behind to run things. We interview Governor Christie's Belly one more time to get to the bottom of how he will protect us from the storm. (Please note that we were well aware that this would be outdated by the time it would be uploaded. So shut up about that. You want us to be more timely? We need to be live. Wanna be our benefactor? No? Then can it! Thanks.)

Finally, Donald Trump was endorsed by Sarah Palin last week and Matt lays out the case that she most likely had a few drinks, a bong hit and two lines of coke before her really long and disjointed speech. Don't buy? Press play and prepare to be proven wrong.

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