Checked Out Episode 401- The Inside Radio Fight, Part 1

We're back and fresh as daisies for Season 4 of Checked Out. We've got big plans for this year on the show which might include some changes, but we need your help to do some of it! Listen to find out why.

One of those changes requires us to curb our language a bit and structure the show better. Why? Well, we've targeted NJ101.5 and WDHA in New Jersey. Not in a bad way. Rather, we've set our sights on getting ourselves on one of their airwaves. Even if it's at 3am. We're just too good at this to not get paid. Plus we love it and miss taking callers. So how will we curb our language? With self-discipline. And when that doesn't work, Mario the Millennial will shock the cursing cast member with a shock collar. BUT there's a caveat. You have to show us that you want to hear us get shocked. How? By going here and buying one or all three of the shock collars for us.

Oh, by the way, we also welcome Mario the Millennial who, in true Millennial fashion, showed up late on his first day on the job. Way to go, sport! Mario will provide the Millennial perspective and provide us with other forms of entertainment. Kinda like Trippy Trev did in the old days.

And speaking of the Great Trippy James Trev, we finally got our hands on a copy of the held-hostage, long-lost final episode of Checked Out on Inside Radio. That's right, we did. And we listen to it and comment on it during this and the next episode.

For you hardcore fans, we have a special in-studio guest who serves a two-fold purpose. 1) he's part of our Checked Outreach Program, a.k.a. Checked Out's Listener Appreciation and 2) he's none other than the hilarious Superfan Nick. Many historians believe that it was Nick's phone call on that final show that sent Trippy over the edge and lead to him uttering those famous words, "Get the fuck  out!"
You don't want to miss this episode.

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