In this episode Jimmy the Italian tells us his thoughts on the Back to the Future 9-11 video . Yeah, you have to see it to believe it.

We also briefly discuss a request from one of our U.K. listeners to donate to a charity for brain cancer in honor of his late brother. Here is the link. Please donate.

Jimmy presents Matt and Pete with a game that he came up with. It's a twist on the popular and beloved children's game, Fuck, Marry or Kill. In this version, Jimmy gives them 3 choices of food that they can either immediately never have again (kill), have whenever you want (marry) and fuck (fuck one hard, nasty last time). Originally it was titled Food, Marry or Kill, but mid-game we realized that the word "fuck" still works.

News potpourri starts off light-hearted, but soon turns heated when Jimmy the Italian all but admits that he would be willing to see Matt Josephs killed or imprisoned for not complying with a Sanders utopia. You can really #feelthebern in this one, folks.


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