Checked Out's B.O.- The Kris Dohm Call

Back in the old days of Inside Radio, the big news story that garnered our attention was that of alleged child abductor, Kris Dohm. He's a character that Matt, Pete and Jimmy went to high school with and, in 2015, he decided to settle a looming custody dispute by just absconding with his two sons... allegedly!!

Naturally, this capture their imagination and several shows were devoted in whole or in part to the story as it developed in the news.

This clip deals with the first time the guys discussed it. Matt, who lives in the same town as the boys, "reached out" to the boys' mother and asked her to come on the show to talk about it. She was too distraught to speak, so she prepared a statement for Matt to read. And read it, Matt did...beautifully.

After that serious moment, the guys went back to being themselves. During a discussion about pyramid schemes, or, "multi-level marketing", a call came in. Thinking it was someone who had encountered the cult-like members of Amway or Market America, they gleefully took the call. What they got, was something altogether different.

This show includes something very rare: the banter in the studio while commercials played on the live feed.

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