Checked Out Episode 314- Beer Snob and JeopBEERdy from the Czig Meister Brewery

It's finally here, adoring fans! Fresh off an appearance on "Drinking Dirty in Jersey", the Beer Snob and his crew from the hit web-series, "The Beer Snob", stop by our show. Recorded live from the empty warehouse that will soon be the Czig Meister Brewery, Matt, Pete and Jimmy hold their first "big deal" of a show. Not only did we have the Beer Snob, but the show was videotaped, Marquis Allen came all the way out to Hackettstown to just sing a few lines for us, Superfan Mark, was on for November's Listener Appreciation and Matt Czigler not only had plenty of insanely great beer on tap (FINALLY!), but he also drew the Brew Class Contest winner's name from Jimmy the I-talian's greasy fedora. Woah! That was one long and poorly constructed sentence. 


But the moment the world has waited for for months finally comes at the end when we pit the Beer Snob against the Brew Master in our first (and probably last) playing of JeopBEERdy with host, ALEx Trebrew. Who knows more about beer? Well, press play to find out.

Thanks to Ashley and David from "The Beer Snob" and their crew for taking the time to hang out with a trio of nit-wits like us. And thanks to Superfan Mark for your support of the show. With Superfans like you, who needs money?

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