Checked Out Episode 310- Out of Control Halloween and Phone Sex with Jared from Subway

Dontcha hate it when adults get more excited about Halloween? Arntcha bewildered how every single costume for an adult female is the slut version of what it's supposed to be? Or dontcha shake your head in shame that our society has created such a thing as "Trunk or Treat"? Really? all that stuff bothers you too? Wow, you're just as much a curmudgeon as Matt, Pete and Jimmy. This episode is for you. 


Now, the new tradition on Checked Out is to have the last segment of every Monday show be "News Potpourri". Once again, however, Pete goofed and we lost the news potpourri segment. Luckily, while recording episode 311, Matt had the foresight to record a segment discussing Jared from Subway's phone sex tape as played on Dr. Phil even though there was no time for it in episode 311. His genius, once again, has paid off. The last segment of this episode discusses Jared from Subway's disgusting phone sex tape with an equally disgusting heifer. 


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