Checked Out Episode 309- Kids Shows, Annoying Drivers and People Who Think You Should Live As They Do

We're sure kids shows were always a tad annoying and obnoxious to the adults who were forced to watch them with their children. We'd like to think that, for a while, at least, parents love the shows because they love to see the joy it gives their little darling. But we suspect that, at least, dads cringe when they hear certain shows. Shows like Team Umi Zoomi or Spongebob Squarepants come on in the other room and our shoulders tense and we briefly lament our care-free, childless days. Matt, Pete, Jimmy and listener, Dan, all discuss the state of kids shows today in our opening segment. 

Then we move on to the annoying things we encounter while driving. 


And, finally, you know that one vegan friend you have? How about the new mom who will only breastfeed her child to the point that she almost kills it because her teets ain't nutritious enough? Or the douche that will only buy fair trade? In and of themselves, those aren't necessarily bad things--except almost killing your baby because you read something somewhere that said baby formula sent to Africa was poisone. They only become bad things when those who practice them virtually demand that you cave to their needs (i.e. the vegan at a party who requires a "vegan option") or insist that you adopt their lifestyle (let's cite the vegan again). Well, we came up with a short list of people think we should live as they do. 


EDITOR'S NOTE: Matt just handed me a late addition to the list. He would like to add Non GMO people and Anti-Vaxers. 



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