Checked Out Episode 308- The Tesla Auto-pilot, Listener Appreciation and People Who Think Zombies Are Real

Matt rode in a Tesla with the new auto-pilot feature and it was both terrifying and wonderful. 


Dan Lawrence sits in with the show as part of Checked Out's "Listener Appreciation Program". Once a month we will invite one of our more active (and local) listeners to sit in with us. Imagine how cool it must be for your heroes to invite you to hang with them and be on their show and, most importantly, to show you that, yes, it's true, our heroes are not normal people after all and are super human. 


Ya know how, during the month of October, you see some of your Facebook friends posting shit about zombies? Or how everyone goes nuts when the Walking Dead is back on? How about adults-- fully grown people-- post serious articles about how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? They don't do this as a joke. No, they think it's a real possibility. Cornell University even wasted money on a study on how to survive one. And you still don't believe us that #collegeisajoke ? Listener, Dan Lawrence, tipped us off to a Youtube Video from a Canadian cat named Jay Tuckwell, in which Mr. Tuckwell, in, apparently, all seriousness, shows us all the equipment and accoutrements he "likes" to have for the Zombie Apocalypse. It has half a million views. We hope against hope that 99% of those views are people making fun, but, then again, Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary a run for her money, so, clearly, this nation has lost its mind. 


After some laughs at the expense of a Canadian who takes his fiction a little too seriously, we delve into News Potpourri, a segment that will now be the second segment of every regular first upload of the week. 


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