Checked Out Episode 306- 80lbs Scrotum, Words I Want to Ban and Perverts in Power

It's a rare, but very welcomed event, when a listener and fan stops by the studio. In this case, our fan, Tom, and his wife, who is also a fan of the show, Christen, stop by the studio. Christen has to drop something off to Pete's wife. Tom, wanders around aimlessly until finding us in the garage. He stop and stares for a bit, hiding just inside the darkness of the night. The ambient light from the garage shines out the open door and illuminates Tom's eyes and teeth. Jimmy sees this first and immediately prepares to die. Could it be Bingo-Bingo Nations finally arriving for honor-killing? Praise Allah it wasn't that. It was Tom. Instead of shooing him away, we invite him in to talk a little bit about how great our show is and what we mean to him and what we will mean to the child he is expecting. 


Have you seen the show "The Man With the 80lbs Scrotum"? We shit you not. There's such a thing. Matt brings it up and tells Pete and Jim just enough to whet their appetites to seek the show out for viewing. 


In Segment 1, Matt shares a lit he's been compiling for a month or so of the words he'd ban if he were king. Are yours the same? #WordIWantToBan

And finally, with the recent news about the American Apparel CEO, Whatshisname, being a sadistic pervert, coupled with the news about Uber-head, the Other Whatshisname, rubbing his junk on his underpaid Alice, we explore the question: "Are these fucks sick perverts from birth or are they corrupted by massive and early success?" #PervertsWithPower


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