Checked Out Episode 304- Umpqua Shooting and Gov Christies Belly on Hurricane Joaquin

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There was another school shooting. This time at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. These things happen so often that when we watch the news we pay attention to everything other than the horror of the story. Sorry. We're just numb to it by now. You know you are too. And you also know that you noticed the same thing that we did about this one in particular: the chicks are chunky at this college. 


Also, Hurricane Joaquin is bearing down on the east coast and New Jersey's valiant and gallant Governor Chris Christie has declared a state of emergency...several days ahead of when the storm MIGHT hit us. To be fair, there is also a Nor-easter ahead of the hurricane. But still, he's a jackass. To help us make sense of it all is his belly, Governor Christie's Belly with another in-studio appearance. 


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