Checked Out Episode 303- Naughty Nurses and A Dating Site for Bacon Lovers

So apparently the cows on "The View" set off a firestorm last week among our beloved nurses. But have you noticed that all the nurses you know on Facebook frequently post things that seem to be attempts to guilt you into thanking them for being a nurse or calling them a hero in writing? You don't want to admit it because you don't want to feel like you're "judging" or "attacking" them, but you've noticed and it kinda makes you cringe. We understand your denial. So we will explore if the immodesty of such an act hurts the nobility of this noble profession. Also, Matt discovers he might actually agree with the hens on "The View", which has since caused him to seek therapy. 


And, finally, Pete has discovered that Oscar Mayer has created a dating site for Bacon Lovers called "Sizzl". We imagine what a testimonial from a fat, bacon-loving couple would sound like. 


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