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Tony Deluza's Football Fahgettaboudit Week 7

Who wants to make money?

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No Shows This Week, But Contest Still On

There will be no new shows this week, but that doesn't mean the Czig Meister Brew Class Contest is on hold. So, here is this week's question:

If Czig Meister didn't exist, and you could only drink ONE BEER for the rest of your life, which beer would it be?

Send your answers to with "CONTEST" in the subject line, or just fill in the contact form on the upper right margin of the homepage of

Checked Out Shorts 05- Matt's Week From Hell

Matt had a week from Hell that started with a stolen camera and ended with an irate, bi-polar author. Hear about it in this short

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Checked Out Episode 309- Kids Shows, Annoying Drivers and People Who Think You Should Live As They Do

We're sure kids shows were always a tad annoying and obnoxious to the adults who were forced to watch them with their children. We'd like to think that, for a while, at least, parents love the shows because they love to see the joy it gives their little darling. But we suspect that, at least, dads cringe when they hear certain shows. Shows like Team Umi Zoomi or Spongebob Squarepants come on in the other room and our shoulders tense and we briefly lament our care-free, childless days. Matt, Pete, Jimmy and listener, Dan, all discuss the state of kids shows today in our opening segment. Then we move on to the annoying things we encounter while driving. And, finally, you know that one vegan friend you have? How about the new mom who will only breastfeed her child to the point that she almost kills it because her teets ain't nutritious enough? Or the douche that will only buy fair trade? In and of themselves, those aren't necessarily bad things--except almost killing your…

Checked Out Episode 308- The Tesla Auto-pilot, Listener Appreciation and People Who Think Zombies Are Real

Matt rode in a Tesla with the new auto-pilot feature and it was both terrifying and wonderful. Dan Lawrence sits in with the show as part of Checked Out's "Listener Appreciation Program". Once a month we will invite one of our more active (and local) listeners to sit in with us. Imagine how cool it must be for your heroes to invite you to hang with them and be on their show and, most importantly, to show you that, yes, it's true, our heroes are not normal people after all and are super human. Ya know how, during the month of October, you see some of your Facebook friends posting shit about zombies? Or how everyone goes nuts when the Walking Dead is back on? How about adults-- fully grown people-- post serious articles about how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? They don't do this as a joke. No, they think it's a real possibility. Cornell University even wasted money on a study on how to survive one. And you still don't believe us that #collegeisajoke ? List…

Checked Out Episode 307- Mac n Cheese Kid and News Potpourri

Have you seen that UConn douche who just wanted his Fucking Bacon and Jalapeno Mac and Cheese but couldn't get it because he had an open beer bottle? Well, after many emails badgering him to come on the show, Luke Gatti relented and came on for an interview. He apparently hasn't learned. Here's his apology video. won't believe the crazy stories in this episode's "News Potpourri". Have you heard the one about the donkey-fucker in Wisconsin whose "privates" took over and forced him to do an ass? Well, we did and we share it with you, among others. Music Credits"Guts and Bourbon", "Exhilarate", "Funky Chunk", "Summon the Rawk", "Retro Future Nasty" and any other music byKevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attributi…

Checked Out Episode 306- 80lbs Scrotum, Words I Want to Ban and Perverts in Power

It's a rare, but very welcomed event, when a listener and fan stops by the studio. In this case, our fan, Tom, and his wife, who is also a fan of the show, Christen, stop by the studio. Christen has to drop something off to Pete's wife. Tom, wanders around aimlessly until finding us in the garage. He stop and stares for a bit, hiding just inside the darkness of the night. The ambient light from the garage shines out the open door and illuminates Tom's eyes and teeth. Jimmy sees this first and immediately prepares to die. Could it be Bingo-Bingo Nations finally arriving for honor-killing? Praise Allah it wasn't that. It was Tom. Instead of shooing him away, we invite him in to talk a little bit about how great our show is and what we mean to him and what we will mean to the child he is expecting. Have you seen the show "The Man With the 80lbs Scrotum"? We shit you not. There's such a thing. Matt brings it up and tells Pete and Jim just enough to whet their…

@CheckedOut2015 Is Now As It Should Be: @CheckedOutRadio

The title says it all. Our Twitter handle is now @CheckedOutRadio and can be found here So, follow us already!!

Checked Out Episode 305- Pete's Fears, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with a Cosby Victim and News Potpurri

As always, we try to bring you enlightening banter and hard-hitting, in-depth news and interviews. Keeping with that tradition, you will learn of how Pete's girly fear of tornadoes helped sooth a little girls fear of tornadoes; you will hear an exclusive interview with Sharon Van Ert, one of the latest women to allege that Bill Cosby had raped her; and finally a potpourri of the more off-beat news stories of the last week, including the Farting Pork Roll Manufacturer, "No, bear!" and College PussiesRelated Links CreditsALL music byKevin MacLeod ( under…

Checked Out Episode 304- Umpqua Shooting and Gov Christies Belly on Hurricane Joaquin

This week's question of the week for the Professor Czig Meister's Master Brewing Class is: "What brand was the first beer you ever had and who did you have it with?" Send your answer in an email to in order to be entered to win. There was another school shooting. This time at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. These things happen so often that when we watch the news we pay attention to everything other than the horror of the story. Sorry. We're just numb to it by now. You know you are too. And you also know that you noticed the same thing that we did about this one in particular: the chicks are chunky at this college. Also, Hurricane Joaquin is bearing down on the east coast and New Jersey's valiant and gallant Governor Chris Christie has declared a state of emergency...several days ahead of when the storm MIGHT hit us. To be fair, there is also a Nor-easter ahead of the hurricane. But still, he's a jackass. To help us make sens…

Checked Out Episode 303- Naughty Nurses and A Dating Site for Bacon Lovers

So apparently the cows on "The View" set off a firestorm last week among our beloved nurses. But have you noticed that all the nurses you know on Facebook frequently post things that seem to be attempts to guilt you into thanking them for being a nurse or calling them a hero in writing? You don't want to admit it because you don't want to feel like you're "judging" or "attacking" them, but you've noticed and it kinda makes you cringe. We understand your denial. So we will explore if the immodesty of such an act hurts the nobility of this noble profession. Also, Matt discovers he might actually agree with the hens on "The View", which has since caused him to seek therapy. And, finally, Pete has discovered that Oscar Mayer has created a dating site for Bacon Lovers called "Sizzl". We imagine what a testimonial from a fat, bacon-loving couple would sound like. DON'T FORGET TO MAKE A RESERVATION AT THE LODGES AT GETTYSB…