Checked Out Episode 302- "The Going to Hell Show"- Pope-apalooza, Fake 9-11 Comedian and the Disemboweling Don Juan

This may be the most politically- and all-other-ways- incorrect show we've done to date. But, we're checked out of such things giving a shit what we say, so, you should expect it by now. That said, let us just remind you that our sponsor and any business we promote DO NOT necessarily agree with us. We promote them because we like them. 


Moving on...


So, Pope Francis went on a whirlwind tour of the states (or three of them) last week. In this episode you will find the most hard-hitting, comprehensive coverage of his visit. Not really. We take a sophomoric approach. Instead of fawning over him like many liberals who used to hate popes and Catholics now do, we act like children and ponder why all popes sound like Dracula and this


At the end of the pope discussion, Jimmy plays a clip of the Satan worshipper from a few episodes ago. That reminds Matt that that whole video was faked. This leads to a discussion of the last month's big frauds. The Satan worshipper and this douche who just ended his career as a comedian named Steve Rannazzisi. I know...who?


And finally we discuss the disturbing story of Fidel Lopez, a man whose monstrous deeds make him worthy of his first name. 


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