Checked Out Episode 221- Gunnison Beach, The Parents' Trap and Stalker Fans

Well this episode is chock full of discussion. As the Czig Meister was passed between the boys, Matt, fill-in co-host, Jason Patrick and Jimmy the I-talian settled down for some deep discussions.

Jason starts us off with his story of getting whipped with a BBC at Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ, while innocently watching dudes play nude volley ball.

In the next segment, the boys discuss Coby Persin's-- or, as Jimmy calls him, "Zac Efron"-- experiment in which he sets up fake Facebook accounts and chats it up with underage girls to prove how easy it is to take advantage of gullible, neglected and starving for attention teens. Read about it here.

That discussion reminds Matt of a recent experience he and Pete and Jimmy had with an enthusiastic "fan" of the show that was introduced to them on Twitter by Superfan #1 Nick. While they aren't sure yet if this person is in fact a fake fan or not, the good money has it that it is, indeed, a fan who has written into the show many times. Many incoherent times.

It's a hot time in the old town tonight on Episode 221 of Checked Out!

Check out this episode!


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