Checked Out Episode 219- Windows 10, Good Docs, Czig Meister Beer and the Fox News Debate

Swing low, sweet chariot! What was thought to be lost (at least for a while) has been found and it is all thanks to friend-to-the-show and sometimes fill-in co-host, Jason Patrick.

Episode 219 is the first of four episodes without Pete while he is checking out the bikini babes in the Magic Kingdom with his family. Matt Czigler, proud sponsor of the show and founder of Czigmeister Brewing Company, filled in for Pete.

We begin by talking about the Windows 10 update and the documentary, The Wrecking Crew (available on Netflix). Speaking of documentaries, Jimmy the I-talian brings up the gut wrenching, Dear Zachary. We plan to discuss it further on a future show, so, if you haven't seen it, we DARE YOU to watch it!

After a break, Matt unveils two new flavors on us, his Falconer Pale Ale and his Wineberry American Wheat. Either one puts any corporate beer to shame.

After getting a buzz on, Matt, Matt and Jimmy delve into a discussion on the recent Fox News GOP Debate, which felt more like a scene out of Idiocracy than a respectable function of the American political system. Oh, and, this segment, comes complete with a pee break. Watch when happens when the boys think they can go on without Matt Josephs.

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