Checked Out Episode 218- I Am Cait Bombs, Cecil's Dead, Jared's a Perv and Winter vs Summer

First, let's start with apologies to the Bandulos-- the band Matt is talking about in the intro segment (and whose name he forgets). They are a great band that deserves to have its name remembered. Check them out here, but, be warned, the video does NOT do them justice. You must see them live. 

What a discussion-heavy show this is. We could have given each subject its own segment, but instead we tried to squeeze three into the first. It went so long, we had to cut a lot out. Hmmm...maybe we'll put the uncut version on YouTube. Maybe.

Bruce Jenner's new show, in which he plays the character "Caitlyn", bombed on its premiere night. That was no surprise to us. Sure, maybe he's enough of a Interstate accident scene to slow down and watch him on Diane Sawyer. And, perhaps he's enough of a curiosty to watch him give a sermon on the ESPYs the day after it airs. But the subject of a reality show? Nope. Most people are either completely disinterested in the whole trans-"movement" or uncomfortable with it. We delve into why.

Cecil the Lion. Our beloved Ceicil the Lion. That mighty King of the Jungle that we all grew up watching and hearing about. You remember him. Don't you? Yeah, we don't either. But now we're supposed to care. Like everything else we are conditioned to get in a tizzy about, it's a non-issue. We explain why.

Jared Fogle. Am I the only one who had him pegged as a perv from the first time he appeared in a Subway commercial? Just how much of a perv, I admit, I did not know. Now we do. This interesting conversation rounds out with Pete and Jimmy admitting the only circumstances in which they will fellate a man.

And finally, are you a summer person? Or a winter person? Do you have S.A.D. which causes every waking moment of a winter day to be painful for you? Or are you chubby and hate the way sweat feels pooling up in your folds on a humid summer afternoon? Join the discussion over which season is better and tell us why you think (or don't think) that Winter-lovers are self-haters.

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