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Checked Out Episode 225- Trippy Trev's Offer

Tonight. On a very special "Checked Out": You don't want to miss this episode. If you usually listen to the show as background noise, DON'T DO IT on this episode, because we need your input. For our loyal listeners who joined us back in the Inside Radio days, you will remember our former producer, Trippy Trev. If you are one of the smart ones who listened to our live shows, you heard our infamous final episode which included Marquis Allen's first interview and a performance, followed by a discussion-turned-verbal brawl with Trippy. In that duscussion/brawl, we discussed why Checked Out was being "fired" from Inside Radio. It was an attempt to communicate to you, our loyal audience, not only that we were leaving, but also why we were leaving. But that episode was never uploaded to our old feed and some of you probably had no idea what happened. Some other probably still think we just disappeared and never continued. Poor souls! Can you imagine what the

Checked Out on Short Hiatus

Can you believe that, for the longest time, Pete used to think the word was "hianus" and not hiatus? Silly Pete.  Checked out is taking a break from recording now that Season 2 is in the can. Season 3 will premier on September 21 (or there abouts). We have many ideas in the works for your entertainment including: a contest to win a free brewing lesson with none other than the great Brew Master himself, Matt Czigler of Czig Meister brewing Co. (; we will be taking applicants for the position of "production assistant" and much more. Most importantly, we are in talks with a few live broadcast providers so that we can get back to being a live call-in show for you.  If you took a break from listening this Summer and need to binge listen, this hiatus is the perfect time to do it.  We appreciate your interest in our show and hope you help our audience grow by spreading the word. The bigger and quicker it grows, the sooner we can get bigger and be

Checked Out Episode 224- The Josh Duggar, Sam Rader and Ashley Madison Holy Trinity

This is a rare one-topic episode, which covers many facets of said topic. While we tried to make it a shorter show, it ends up being a typical hour show. So, rest assured, you will get your fill of Checked Out. Are you one of the devoted who follow the preachings of the pious Josh Duggar , of  19 Kids and Counting  fame? Or did you cry along with Sam Rader and his wife when they announced their pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage on their Christian vlog? Of course you are and of course you did. Who among us isn't or did not? Actually, Matt, Pete and Jimmy can't be bothered with such false heroes when they themselves are trying so hard to be your false heroes. In this episode they talk about how annoying hypocites matter where they fall on the religious or political spectrum. Music Credits "Bushwick Tarantella", "Exhilarate", "Matt's Blues", "Motherlode", "Organic Grunge" Kevin MacLeod ( Lic

Reporter and Photographer Kill During Live Report

This Friday night we are recording next week's shows. This is one of the stories we will be talking about. What an odd, Hollywood-like story. Including one or two frames from the videos with the shooter's face! WDBJ News Reporter, Alison Parker, and Photographer, Adam Ward, were shot and killed on live television this morning.

Checked Out Episode 223- Listener Drama, The Fatty Kingdom and Dear Zachary

Any loyal listener has heard the odd messages we get from a listener that we call "Bing-Bingo Nations". We're sure many of you have wondered who the hell she is and what the hell is the deal with her disjointed, broken-English-laden messages to us and why we find them so funny. Any loyal listener would also remember Episode 221, in which we discuss how we were introduced to a new fan on Twitter and immediately smelled a rat. Well, that discussion got the new fan upset and he called us out on Twitter. We begin this show by telling the whole story and addressing the phenomenon of what we call "Pussy Listeners" that don't seem to understand that no one forces them to listen to things that they don't like. And, finally, we discuss, in detail, the great film,  Dear Zachary.  We'll warn you now. DO NOT listen to the third segment until  after you have watched  Dear Zachary.  Music Credits "Bushwick Tarantella", "Exhilarate", &

Checked Out Episode 222- Chris Barron Follows Jimmy and Bern Interrupted

This is Jason Patrick's final episode before Pete returns. But don't fret, Jason will be back. In this episode Jimmy shares the news that Spin Doctors singer, Chris Barron, followed him. This gets the boys waxing nostalgic about their youth and how  Pocket Full of Kryptonite  was the soundtrack to their Freshman year of high school. Of course, Matt extends the invitation to Chris to come on the show. Poor Matt. He doesn't realize how insignificant he is. There's something admirable about that. Isn't there? Anyhoo, after that, the boys delve deep into the curious case of hand-that-feeds-you-biting by the Black Lives Matter movement by listening to the famous footage  of  Senator Bernie Sanders  being interrupted during a rally. Also, Jason Patrick is drunker in this episode. Music Credits "Bushwick Tarantella", "Exhilarate", "Matt's Blues", "Motherlode", "Organic Grunge" Kevin MacLeod (

Checked Out Episode 221- Gunnison Beach, The Parents' Trap and Stalker Fans

Well this episode is chock full of discussion. As the Czig Meister was passed between the boys, Matt, fill-in co-host, Jason Patrick and Jimmy the I-talian settled down for some deep discussions. Jason starts us off with his story of getting whipped with a BBC at Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ, while innocently watching dudes play nude volley ball. In the next segment, the boys discuss Coby Persin's-- or, as Jimmy calls him, "Zac Efron"-- experiment in which he sets up fake Facebook accounts and chats it up with underage girls to prove how easy it is to take advantage of gullible, neglected and starving for attention teens. Read about it  here . That discussion reminds Matt of a recent experience he and Pete and Jimmy had with an enthusiastic "fan" of the show that was introduced to them on Twitter by Superfan #1 Nick. While they aren't sure yet if this person is in fact a fake fan or not, the good money has it that it is, indeed, a fan who has written

Checked Out Episode 220- Free Flowing Czigmeister, Free Flowing Thoughts

Here we have an episode where the beer flows like wine and so do the topics. Once again, Matt Czigler founder of our favorite microbrewery, Czig Meister Brewing Company fills in for Pete and lets Matt and Jimmy the I-talian try two new brews. Being that not much went on during the week leading up to the show, the boys decide to do a free-form show. Topics range from things that piss us off while driving to the upcoming Czig Meister contest. It's actually not as boring as it may seem. Episode 220 is one of the episodes that was almost lost when our hard drive crashed. We were able to recover all of the missing files...except one: the one with the beginning of the show on it. We have our IT department working on restoring that file, but they have warned us that there is a 50/50 chance of it working. So, keep your fingers crossed because that segment contains a riveting interview with the pizza delivery boy. Get on Czig Meister's mailing list at an

Checked Out Episode 219- Windows 10, Good Docs, Czig Meister Beer and the Fox News Debate

Swing low, sweet chariot! What was thought to be lost (at least for a while) has been found and it is all thanks to friend-to-the-show and sometimes fill-in co-host, Jason Patrick. Episode 219 is the first of four episodes without Pete while he is checking out the bikini babes in the Magic Kingdom with his family. Matt Czigler, proud sponsor of the show and founder of Czigmeister Brewing Company, filled in for Pete. We begin by talking about the Windows 10 update and the documentary,  The Wrecking Crew  (available on Netflix). Speaking of documentaries, Jimmy the I-talian brings up the gut wrenching,  Dear Zachary.  We plan to discuss it further on a future show, so, if you haven't seen it, we DARE YOU to watch it! After a break, Matt unveils two new flavors on us, his Falconer Pale Ale and his Wineberry American Wheat. Either one puts any corporate beer to shame. After getting a buzz on, Matt, Matt and Jimmy delve into a discussion on the recent Fox News GOP Debate, which

Checked Out Shorts 04- Wha' Happen' ?

There can be a few subtitles to this episode: "When Pete's Away, The Files Won't Play" or the "Curse of Matt Czigler". The former claim has more concrete evidence to back it up. The latter is harder to prove. You would first have to believe in the supernatural to believe that, just because Matt Czigler was the in-studio guest on the only two shows that had technical problems, he is to blame for this. You could even throw in a third subtitle: "Czig Meister Beer: You'll Love It (and fuck up your recording)". And, even though this is a REAL stretch, perhaps a fourth: "Lessons on Why Matt Should Not Be Trusted With Important Technical Tasks, Especially When Drinking". But that last one is too long so, let's scratch that one: " Lessons on Why Matt Should Not Be Trusted With Important Technical Tasks, Especially When Drinking" This is just a short conversation with our Dear Leader, Matt Josephs, about why it's Tuesday an

Checked Out Episode 218- I Am Cait Bombs, Cecil's Dead, Jared's a Perv and Winter vs Summer

First, let's start with apologies to the Bandulos -- the band Matt is talking about in the intro segment (and whose name he forgets). They are a great band that deserves to have its name remembered. Check them out here , but, be warned, the video does NOT do them justice. You must see them live.  What a discussion-heavy show this is. We could have given each subject its own segment, but instead we tried to squeeze three into the first. It went so long, we had to cut a lot out. Hmmm...maybe we'll put the uncut version on YouTube. Maybe. Bruce Jenner's new show, in which he plays the character "Caitlyn", bombed on its premiere night. That was no surprise to us. Sure, maybe he's enough of a Interstate accident scene to slow down and watch him on Diane Sawyer. And, perhaps he's enough of a curiosty to watch him give a sermon on the ESPYs the day after it airs. But the subject of a reality show? Nope. Most people are either completely disinterested in the w

Checked Out Episode 217 BONUS SEGMENT- The Magic of John Daker

We went over time on one of the segments of Episode 217 and had to cut this one. But our audience, if it doesn't already, must know about the cool crooner, John Daker. He makes Dean Martin look like a karaoke singer. Here is the bonus segment: Here's the unedited version of Christ-crooner, John Daker And, as mentioned in episode 218, John Daker and Hitler in the Bunker Music by Kevin MacLeod at

Checked Out Episode 217- Czig Meister Contest Announcement, Roddy Piper's Dead and Adult WWE Fans

We start the show talking about the contest we are putting together along with Czig Meister Brewing Company. Pay attention here if you want to win! And later, on a very special episode of Checked Out: a tragedy occurred last week. WWF (WWE) star, Rowdy Roddy Piper, died of a heart attack.... and we believe Matt caused it. Tune in to find out why. Then the guys seamlessly move into a psychoanalysis of why full-grown, adult men...many of them "straight" men... are such huge wrestling fans when it is all fake. Music Credits "Exhilarate", "Matt's Blues", "Motherlode", "Your Call" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Check out this episode!