Checked Out Ep 213- Driving a Tesla and Caitlyn Jenner on the ESPYs

Hey! There're no audio problems this time. Yippee!

In this episode Matt tells the boys about his experience driving a Tesla. If you haven't done so yourself, make friends with someone who has one and take it for a spin. Who cares about saving the environment? Those things are a blast and THAT is why we should all get them. Now go play the lottery so you can afford it.

The boys get into the big news of the last week, namely, Bruce Caitlyn Jenner's [stomach] moving sermon at the ESPY Awards. Have you ever wondered why women get so much plastic surgery that they can't move their lips? We do too. Oh, but, don't think you'll find an answer to that question in this episode. Nah. We just mock it... and the speech.

There was supposed to be a second topic, but the Tesla conversation went too long. So, sorry.

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