Episode 204- What Would Jimmy the Italian Do and Pete Hates Dave Grohl?

We all know that I-talians have no qualms about letting you know "what's right". Our very own James "Jimmy the I-talian" Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is the subject of our little game (modeled after ABC's What Would You Do?), "What Would Jimmy the I-talian Do?"

After that fun, Pete poses the question "Who made Dave Grohl the authority on music?" and we all discover that good ol' Dave Grohl provokes a visceral reaction in Pete. Matt can't understand it and Jimmy is too busy drinking his Jameson to care. 

And, most importantly, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT


Play Along With Us on "What Would Jimmy the I-talian Do?"


What Would YOU do?

Fat woman at a buffet is told to "go easy" by another customer as she reaches for her fourth helping. What Would YOU Do?


Couple is fighting. The man clearly is abusive. He finally hauls off and hits her. What Would YOU Do?


You are at a restaurant. A white family is at a table next to you. The hot-ass daughter, home on holiday break, tells her parents she is dating a "colored gentleman" (they're from Bridgeport, Connecticut). The parents get all bent out of shape and forbid her to see him anymore. She leaves to go suck his BBC for comfort. What Would YOU Do?



You're at a restaurant. An old man is a-rootin' and a-tootin' at the table next to you. He is oblivious and keeps on eating his pork and sauerkraut. Your date gags with every attempt at taking a bite.  What Would YOU Do?



Music Credits


"Bushwick Tarantella", "Exhilarate", "Matt's Blues"

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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