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Checked Out Episode 209- Big D*cked Conv*ct Dead; Gov Christie's Belly Announces Candidacy

EDITING NOTE:  Don't be confused when you see that this is episode 209 but hear Matt refer to it as episode 210. Pete misinformed him as to which number episode this is. 210 is next. They were both recorded on the same day Description After some more listener feedback, the boys discuss their new sponsor and break away to a live press conference at the KFC in Florham Park, New Jersey with NJ Governor Chris Christie's Belly. **We must say that we were quite moved by the passion in Governor Christie's Belly's voice. Because of our "Slight Privilege" we never realized how difficult it must be for Obese-Americans. Because of this historic speech by Governor Christie('s belly), we will curb our "Slight Privilege" from this day forward. Also, Richard Matt, the Big-Dicked convict has been shot dead. Whose dick will Gawker obsess over now? Pres play to find out. And, have you ever been to a dance recital? If so, were you also disturbed by the pa

Checked Out Episode 208- Fear and Weird News in New Jersey

You've waited so long for this, the long-overdue episode 208. Sorry, life got in the way for us these past few weeks. It happens. In this episode, recent news of a bus crash inside one of the tubes of the Lincoln Tunnel brings out one of Matt's deepest fears: Canadian students. Just kidding. It's something--we discovered-- called  Cleithrophobia .  So, the boys head out on a discussion about their fears and, man, what a bunch of wimps your gracious hosts are. The second segment deals with some weird news, including the recently deceased Big-Dicked Convict , Richard Matt , a mono-browed freak, Courtney Barnes  who gives a dramatic account of God-knows-what and, finally, the courtroom freak-out of one of the most beloved cartoon characters ever...well, his voice actor, at least. Don't miss this laugh-filled and psycho-babble-laden episode that is sure to make Mary from Illinois complain in another email. Related Articles

Checked Out Episode 207- Listener Feedback and the Insane Rachel Dolezal

Matt reads and responds to some listener feedback including a gripping one from one of our listeners in Kosovo. Then they boys move on to talk about the frigging insane story about the clearly insane NAACP, Spokane Chapter, former-President, Rachel Dolezal. Somehow that conversation moves in a direction that causes Jimmy the I-talian to have one of his world-famous "Montepulcianno Meltdowns". Related Articles Music Credits "Bushwick Tarantella", "Exhilarate", "Organic Grunge", "Private Eye", "There It Is", "Your Call" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3

Checked Out Episode 206- Douch-chill Moments and Obnoxious Weddings

After the whirlwind interview with NJ Governor Chris Christie's Stomach on Episode 205 (and a cocktail or two), the boys settle in for a more mellow show. Using the "promposal-gone-wrong" by Patrick Smith of Park Ridge High School as the catalyst for the discussion, Matt shares the story of his first (the first of many) rejection when he was in 7th grade. The conversation then organically moves on to today's elaborate wedding proposals and the subsequent obnoxious weddings that inevitably follow.      Related Articles     Music Credits "Bushwick Tarantella", "Exhilarate", "Matt's Blues", "Your Call", "There It Is", "Private Eye" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribu

Checked Out Ep. 205- Caitlyn Jenner and EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Gov Christie's Rep

The boys try to grapple with their feelings vs. what the PC Police demand we all think and say and attempt to make heads or tails of the whole Bruce ...errr..."Caitlyn" Jenner story.  As you will find as you grow with us at Checked Out, we can actually land some interesting interviews with some big names. Here we have an exclusive interview with a representative of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In this interview they cover everything from the Governor being mocked while playing a baseball game in honor of slain NYPD officers; his run for president and #BridgeGate. You DO NOT want to miss this episode.      Supplemental Reading     Music Credits   "Bushwick Tarantella Loop", "Exhilarate", "Matt's Blues", "

Episode 204- What Would Jimmy the Italian Do and Pete Hates Dave Grohl?

W e all know that I-talians have no qualms about letting you know "what's right". Our very own James "Jimmy the I-talian" Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is the subject of our little game (modeled after ABC's What Would You Do? ), "What Would Jimmy the I-talian Do?" After that fun, Pete poses the question "Who made Dave Grohl  the authority on music?" and we all discover that good ol' Dave Grohl provokes a visceral reaction in Pete. Matt can't understand it and Jimmy is too busy drinking his Jameson to care.  And, most importantly, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT   Play Along With Us on " What Would Jimmy the I-talian Do ?"   What Would YOU do? Fat woman at a buffet is told to "go easy" by another customer as she reaches for her fourth helping. What Would YOU Do?   Couple is fighting. The man clearly is abusive. He finally hauls off and hits her. What Would YOU Do?   You are at a

Episode 203 - Normalizing Breast Feeding and What Would You Do?

People Love to Choose Sides.  Lines Are Drawn, and Debates are Had.  Listen in as the guys discuss something near and dear to them: Breasts.  Specifically the #NormalizeBreastFeeding campaign.  Do you have an opinion?  Please Share by leaving a know you want to... Next the Boys ask the age old question: What Would You Do?  They discuss the ABC Television show "What Would You Do?" with John Quinones.  Hear Matt and Pete tell what they would do, but the final answer comes when they learn WWJD:  What Would "Jimmy the Italian" Do.  The bigger question is What Would our Listeners Do?  Leave a Comment Below. Related Links: "Exhilarate" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 "Your Call" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribut