Hello Again and Welcome

In recent weeks, Checked Out has gone through a fake firing from a fake radio station (meaning it's not technically radio and we weren't technically employed), constructed a new studio, purchased new equipment and within days found a new online home enabling us to have total control over our own show. 


During our time producing our first 13 episodes, we've found and built an audience that we are proud of and excited to get to entertain and know. If you are one of that audience and have followed us to our new home, we thank you very much. Knowing you are out there listening and downloading makes it easier and more-funnerer to conceive and produce each episode. Please turn your friends and family onto us...unless they have no sense of humor and are easily offended. 


If you are one of our new listeners, thanks for giving us a chance and welcome to our world! We promise you won't find another podcast quite like ours. It would be great, too, if you told your friends and family about us. AND if you follow us on Twitter ( @CheckedOut2015 ) and "like" us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/checkedoutshow). 


We have big plans for the show and, by extension, you, our loyal fans. So, strap one on...I mean strap yourself in, sit back, relax and let us take you on a ride through the enchanted land of mentally checking out of society.



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